Your Napa Wine Tasting Questions Answered

Your Napa Wine Tasting Questions Answered

You have Questions. We have Answers.

napa-valley-wine-tours-reservations-bodyNapa Valley produces some of the most sought after and prestigious wines available today. While wine aficionados regularly travel to the Napa Valley to taste the latest vintages and wineries are commonplace for locals, they can be a bit intimidating for the casual wine taster or newcomer. At Dynamic Napa Wine Tours, we want you to have a positive wine tasting experience. We do this by carefully choosing friendly, boutique wineries that cater to our group. These wineries not only produce world-class wines but offer a relaxing environment where you are free to ask questions and enjoy every aspect of the wine tasting experience.

To make the most of your wine tasting experience, we put together an extensive list of do’s and don’ts on our Napa Wine Tasting page. But, we want to make your wine tasting experience even more amazing, so we’ve included a few more handy tips below:

  1. Be open-minded. Consider tasting a wine that you thought you didn’t like. Maybe you’re an avid red wine drinker. Try a white wine or a dessert wine. You may find you actually like them after all.
  2. Try not to “show off” too much wine knowledge in the tasting room. Some tasting staff may be very knowledgeable about wine, others are more entry-level. The staff are there to showcase their wine. Just enjoy the experience!
  3. Don’t ask for the “good stuff.” If you’re truly interested in their library or reserve wines, you can ask if they have any open. But, when you ask for wines beyond the advertised flight, you may feel more pressure to purchase a bottle or two.
  4. You can taste again. It’s ok to retry a wine especially if you’re considering a purchase.
  5. If you like the wine, buy it! Some tasting rooms will waive your tasting fee if you purchase wine. It’s a win-win and you get to go home with a bottle.
  6. Don’t haggle. You’re not buying a used car. Wineries don’t appreciate people who come in looking for extra deals.
  7. Tips aren’t necessary, but appreciated. Wineries are not bars and a tip isn’t a requirement. But, if you’ve been treated well and enjoyed your experience, then let them know.

These are just a few additional tips we’ve picked up through personal experiences and our years of wine tours. We welcome questions and love introducing our new customers to the world of wine tasting. If you have additional wine tasting etiquette questions, contact Dynamic Napa Wine Tours.

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